5 amazing cars for awesome trips

With holidays season right ahead of us, one can’t help it but realize how good and necessary holidays are. As many of us would agree, family trips are the best type of holiday. In the festive spirit we have decided to help you pick the perfect car for your perfect family trip.

Knowing that the majority of people who live on earth do not own the cars that we will mention today, we have decided to help you rent these cars through car rental companies. Also, be cautious: alwaysh check car rental company reviews (for example: avr rental reviews)We will use info and prices from the car rental company!


First of all let’s check out the list of these 5 amazing cars and then we can proceed to talk about each and every single one of them.

1. Skoda Octavia

2. Renault Captur

3. Opel Mokka

4. Range Rover Evoque

5. Toyota Rav 4

If you don’t want to be bothered with much details, pick any of these bad boys and you will have a great companion throughout your trip. However we would suggest that you continue reading to find out why we chose these particular cars for your trip.

Skoda Octavia


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Manufactured by the Cezch company of Skoda, this car is definitely worth considering for your trip. Equipped with enough room to hold 4 big sized baggages, Skoda Octavia is a great idea for a car rental.

There are a lot of Skoda Octavias are available for rent in rent24h.com. Chances are very big that you will find one of them in your area too.

These models aren’t very big and although you can fit 5 people in a car like this, we wouldn’t suggest it. The best suited number is 4. Other characteristics include: 5 doors, manual, AC. Prices range around 91 euro per day and the average rating is 8.1 out of 10.


Renault Captur


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Moving on to number 2 we have a car that is amazing, if you are thinking for car rental you consider this one. Just like previously their availability is wide within rental24h.com, so you have high chances of finding one of these in your location.

Renault Captur is bigger than the previous entry and thus allows for more space. Indeed, sometimes 5 people can feel like much of a crowd but most of the time and for relatively short trips, you can have a blast even with 5 people on board.

Renault Captur suffers in baggage a little bit. Most cars on this list have place for 4 big sized baggages, that is not the case here though.

Other characteristics include: 5 doors, manual most of the time but comes in automatic too, AC is available, the average price is around 118 euro per day.

Opel Mokka


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Moving on with a brand that is very easy to find on car rental. Man car rental companies have Opels for rent because of how efficient Opel is. These cars will eat so little fuel that you can’t believe.

Anyways back to the things that we are really interested in. The same rule applies here; this car is somewhat common through many destinations and rental24h.com will probably have it for you in your destination.

5 people can have a really good time on a trip with their Opel Mokka. This is a perfect SUV for bigger families. Opel Mokka doesn’t suffer baggage wise because of this. You will be able to fit up to four baggages in it.

Other characteristics include: 5 doors, AC , manual and automatic both available but most of the time manual, prices range from 125 euro per day.

Range Rover Evoque


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Okay now let us talk about a very stylish car, let us talk about a car that will give style to your trip. That car is most definitely Range Rover Evoque. Although not everyone will agree, the majority would say that the Range Rover Evoque is dope.

There is only one downside to this car though, it is not very widely available as far as rental24h.com goes and car rental companies in general. However if you can find it, you will be able to fit 5 people on it and you baggage will be secure as there is plenty of space for that.

Other characteristics include: 5 doors, AC, only Automatic, price is also a little bit high, with the average being 160 euro per day.

Toyota Rav 4


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Last but not least in our list is the Toyota Rav 4. One of the most highly rated cars on the entire page of rental24h.com with a score given by users, of 8.7 out of a total of 10.

Toytoa Rav 4 seems to have it all! As far as space goes there is no better entry in this list than the Toyota Rav 4. Five people can easily fit in and there will be enough space for your baggage.

Other characteristics include: 5 doors, AC, Automatic, the price is pretty much the only downside there is to this car. The average per day cost of Toyota Rav 4 is just a tiny bit under 190 euro, which is quite a lot.



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Renting a car for a family trip can be a good idea. If you have ever done this before you know what we are talking about and what we mean by this.

Maybe the car isn’t the main ingredient on what makes a family car trip fun, however it can turn into what ruins a trip very easily. So be cautious when choosing a car for your trip.